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2D CAD Drafting

Why 2D CAD Drafting?


The most critical phase of many products is the structures and machines are accurate technical drawings. These drawings are the foundation and instructions that are used in the production or prototyping of the actual object being produced which requires a level of accuracy in the details of the drawings.


Computer-Assisted Drawings or 2D CAD drawings enable or Computer-Assisted drawings enable accurate, quality drafting work to be done.


Kaysona offers drafting and design services for your organization.


We are experienced 2D CAD Drafters and are available to help you with your next or ongoing project for a variety of applications such as;


  • Engineering
  • Irrigation
  • Architecture
  • Prototyping
  • Interiors
  • Property



We deliver each draft with the original unlocked DWG file and PDF. 


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